Our Services

Ace Tree Service, Inc can provide all tree care services; our expertise extends to all of your tree care needs. Contact us today.

Tree Trimming, Pruning, and Shaping

Our experts will assess your property and determine the type of pruning required to maintain or improve the health, beauty, and safety of trees on your property. Our services include:


If the trees on your property have dead, dying, or diseased limbs, call us! We can help you by removing these limbs, thus providing a clean and natural look to your trees.


Thinning is a method of selectively removing branches to increase light penetration and air movement throughout the tree. It also reduces the foliage and weight on heavy limbs during unexpected storms, helping the tree to maintain its shape.


Raising the lower branches provides clearance for houses, buildings, vehicles, signage, and walkways. It also allows increased sunlight for the turf area below.

Tree Removal

With our knowledge, we can help you decide if your tree needs to be removed. We recommended this service when the tree is:

  • Ace Tree Service Inc

    Dying or dead

  • Ace Tree Service Inc

    Hazardous to people or property

  • Ace Tree Service Inc

    Heavily damaged in a storm

  • Ace Tree Service Inc

    Causing harm to other trees

  • Ace Tree Service Inc

    Needing to be removed for construction

Tree removal is a dangerous job. We are the experienced, trained, certified, and insured tree care specialists to handle your tree removals. We can efficiently remove even the most hazardous tree without damage to your property.

Emergency Tree Care

Falling trees and limbs can cause damage to the property when severe weather events occur. Tree roots can fail causing trees to uproot and fall, while branches can be damaged or weakened. When trees and limbs begin to fall, this can cause property damage, personal injury, and power outages resulting in hazardous conditions.
Our staff can quickly respond when disasters strike. We can assess the situation and determine if a damaged tree can be saved.

If the damage is too severe, we can remove the tree safely. Our staff are highly trained specialists in the area. Ace Tree Service, Inc. is recommended by other companies when the job is too dangerous for them.

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps can be unsightly and hazardous. We can remove tree stumps 6” to 12” below ground grade, allowing turf to grow where the tree once stood.

stump grinding

Tree Cabling, Bracing, and Bolting

In case of a split in your tree due to high winds, lightening, or any other factor, we can add support to try and preserve the limbs or tree. Ace Tree Service’s certified arborist will examine and evaluate the tree to see if cabling or bracing can sustain the tree. A properly installed bracing system can help save a valued tree and extend its life.

Cable bracing diagram

Lot Clearing / Site Preparation

Our staff can meet with you to evaluate your site and recommend how we can transform your lot into a beautiful park-like setting. After your approval, we can offer our services to clear the entire lot or enhance your property by selectively pruning, removing, and raising canopies of desired trees.


After every service, we clear all the brush, debris, providing complete cleanup. The area will be raked and blown clean. Our expert personnel can help you with all your debris cleanup needs. Contact us today.